Track time and charge when messaging your clients with Quester App

Business messenger to make revenue when responding to client questions

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How it works

Service and Pricing screen

1. Set your per minute price and per conversation minimum

Your clients will be asked to accept pricing before they reach out with a request to talk.

Invite a client screen

2. Share your username with existing or new clients

Your profile isn't public, only people you share your username with will be able to reach out with a request to talk.

Respond to a client screen

3. Choose how you respond to every conversation request that comes in

You have a few options:

  • Start a paid conversation (and track time)
  • Respond for free
  • Reject the conversation request
  • Ignore the request (it will expire in 48h)

End Conversation screen

4. On and off messaging

You're free to pause and resume communication as you see fit. No need for both parties to be present at the same time. Both you or your client have an option to end the conversation at any point during communication.

Charge client screen

5. Confirm the charge amount

After each conversation Quester App provides summary on active and idle chat time, you'll have an option to reduce the charge amount if deemed necessary. We use Stripe to process your payments securely.



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Meet the founders


Quester App Founder: Agris Kipurs

Agris Kipurs

CEO & Founder

Founder of Airdog, a consumer drone company acquired by

Quester App Founder: Juris Poseika

Juris Poseika

CTO & Founder

Founder of ChiliFresh, a provider of library catalog tools used by libraries in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and Middle East